Are Golf Shoes Important?

The designs of golf shoes range from the casual to the formal. Some of these designs include moccasins, contemporary-looking golf sandals, to the more conventional-

looking leather shoes with tassels –

Professional golfers play their game with such shoes on. However, beginners might ask if these kinds of shoes are important in playing golf. For beginners and amateurs, it is not necessarily a requirement to wear golf shoes while on the course. Experienced golfers, on the other hand, do need to wear them as the golf shoe serves an important function for them.


One does not necessarily have to wear these shoes to play golf as most golf courses do not call for the player to wear them. Besides, there are not many golf courses that require the shoes. Professional players do see a good reason to wear them though. Golf shoes are engineered and constructed to keep one’s feet from sliding during the swing.

Over the past few decades, the styles of these shoes have evolved-

One can still find and purchase ‘old school’ shoes, like the ones with tassels and leather and those with white and black wingtips. Nowadays, these shoes come in various colors and styles. Some do not look that different from athletic shoes, while others are in sandal-style or moccasin-style.

Contemporary golf shoe styles are now more comfortable than they were a few years back. The prices for these shoes vary. A professional player would do well with an expensive but durable pair of shoes. Amateurs and beginners are not pressured to purchase the expensive styles. They can start with the relatively cheaper ones.

As mentioned earlier, these kinds of shoes are not a necessity on the golf course. If one is reluctant to splurge on a pair, the next best thing is to wear shoes with ‘gripping’ soles. This can be a pair of athletic shoes with bumps and ridges to provide traction on the golf course.

It is also fun to know about the earlier designs of shoes used for playing golf.

During the 1800s, amateur golfers – to safely walk over slippery ground – got to wear stout shoes that were ‘roughed with small sprigs or nails.’ During the late 1800s, golf shoes that had separate screw-in spikes emerged. While they were comfortable and provided golfers with better footing, the spikes did not sit well with groundskeepers who blamed spiked shoes for damaging the greens.

The next designs were the saddle oxfords, which emerged during the early 1900s. These shoes had an extra piece of saddle-shaped leather around the laces. These saddle oxfords had been originally conceptualized for racket sports, but players of such sport did not warm up to the saddle oxford designs. In golf, the saddle oxfords were a different story. They became the template for golf shoe designs and were still being followed even into the 21st century.

Golf Shoes

During the 1980s, golf shoe makers mainly aimed to improve player comfort on the greens as these kinds of shoes have been somewhat stiff. Comfortable shoes for golf were in tune with athletic shoes and running shoes during the decade. As the 1990s began, golf shoe makers started to do away with sole spikes. Non-metal cleats were introduced to make the golf shoes less damaging on clubhouse floors and greens. These shoes also became very comfortable to wear.

There is no doubt that advances would be made on such kinds of shoes in the next few years. While not necessarily a requirement, shoes for golf do give a sense of pride to the wearer. Wearing the shoes makes one more serious about playing the game.

A Guide on How to Wear Biker Patches

If you own a motorcycle, it is imperative that you wear a leather vest to protect you against rocks, bugs, and debris. If you wish to make your vest more aesthetically appealing, you should get some patches. You can wear biker patches on your vest to introduce yourself and show which organizations you are affiliated with.

Biker Patch

Then again, see to it that your biker patches are worn properly. Each type of biker patch has a specific way on how to wear it. If you have just started riding a motorcycle and wearing patches, see to it that you know about the rules on how to wear patches. It can be pretty embarrassing to wear your patch the wrong way, especially in the presence of long-time motorcycle riders.

If you are part of a motorcycle organization or club, you can wear a patch that has your organization or club logo and name on it. You have to place this patch at the center of the back of your vest. Make sure that it sits just below your shoulder blades. If your motorcycle organization or club gives out small biker patches every year, you should arrange them close to your affiliation patch.

Patches like these usually state how long you have been affiliated with the motorcycle organization or club. They are typically rectangle in shape and contain the year they were given out. If you want to be part of the motorcycle organization or club for a long period of time, see to it that you have lots of room on your vest so you can continue to add more patches. People will know that you have been part of the organization or club for a long time if you have numerous patches on your vest.

If you want your nickname or name to be made into a patch, you may do that as well. Custom biker patches are very popular nowadays. You can wear your nickname or name patch on the left side of your leather vest. Place it just right above your heart so other bikers will be able to see your nickname or name patch immediately. In case you hold an office in your motorcycle organization or club, you can place your organization or club patch beneath your nickname or name patch.

Most motorcycle organizations and clubs also offer memorial patches in honor of their deceased members. While there is no single proper way to wear these patches, you should still be careful on how you wear them. Ideally, you should wear your memorial patch on the bottom part of your vest. If you need to add another one, you should place that at the bottom part of your vest as well.

Nonetheless, you may also scatter your memorial patches all over your leather vest if you want.
If you have traveled to a lot of places, you should get travel or event patches. These biker patches can certainly make your leather vest lively and colorful.
In every motorcycle event, you will see vendors that sell these kinds of patches. Many event organizers actually have their own customized event patches that advertise their events. So by wearing these patches on your leather vest, you also get to advertise the events.

However, just like memorial patches, there is no single proper way to wear event patches. Hence, you can wear them whichever way you like. You can place them anywhere on your leather vest. If you want your patch sewn on your vest, you can have it sewn right there and then at the event. Most motorcycle event patch vendors offer to sew patches for their customers.